Portraits of those who fight against ISIS.

About project

Their horrendous acts fill the media on a daily bases. Spreading of fear has become an essential part of their strategy. And it’s not about fear only. During the recent terrorist attacks, the Islamic State killed people right in the hearts of Paris and Brussels. Understandably, the horrified inhabitants of the West call for the elimination of ISIS. Yet this is still far from the sight. The Allies conduct efficient airborne attacks on the territory conquered by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, yet the bombing itself cannot defeat the radicals.

Peshmerga – the Kurdish militia, which operate as an unofficial Kurdish army – are one of the few powers which face the Islamists day after day. They fight to avenge the atrocities committed against their nation, but often just so they could return to their homes where they lived peacefully before the war. Inexperienced young lads and seasoned warriors who have fought the Saddam Hussein regime in the past stand side by side at the front lines. More often than not, they are poorly armed and haven’t been receiving any pay for months. However, in circumstances often reminiscent of the WW2, they fight together against a strong and remorseless enemy. They perceive values such as honour and patriotism - which Europe often forgets about as it hasn’t had to defend them for a long time – as values of essential importance. Eyes of Peshmerga bring impressive portraits of the few of those who resist the Islamic State on the front lines beside the towns of Sinjar, Mosul and Kirkuk, Iraq.